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Call Us Today: 1.888.677.1451 - Commercial Lender Marketing Solutions: helps its Commercial Lender clients by not only providing the best in Wholesale Commercial Mortgage Leads and Retail or Direct to Borrower Commercial Mortgage Leads, Advertising and Marketing Services but by making 18 other segments of the industry available to commercial lenders through our network of over 300,000 industry participants.

Commercial Lenders seeking to gain market share can access and market to over 80,000 Commercial Realtors, 42,000 Title Reps, 27,000 Appraisers and many other industry partners in real time via the patent pending instant lead generation system, directory listing program and email marketing tools. Through this unique system lenders can roll out new loan products, communicate with industry boots on the ground participants and acquire targeted deal flow.'s Commercial Lender program offers qualified lenders the opportunity to market to brokers, realtors and directly to borrowers in all 50 states and Canada. Through's lender marketing programs, access to an exclusive network of industry professionals can be researched and marketed to on several levels. Lenders can create a directory listing with logo, image and bio as well as underwriting specifics they want Realtors, Brokers and Borrowers to know in advance.

Approved Commercial Lenders can receive commercial loan requests in real time from industry segment partners along with the partner, borrower and loan request information while it is being entered in the system. It's as real time as it gets!

Realtors can place a request for commercial funding on behalf of one of their clients. The request produces a search result (ala google) of lenders who match that specific loan request. Lenders in our preferred placement program are listed at the top of those results. While the Realtor or other segment partner is entering the info and reviewing the results, the lender AE receives the full request with the segment partner's information. The AE can make contact with that partner while they are still on the site reviewing the results and offer up to date loan products and information while acquiring both a partner and a new deal.

Only offers the ability for Commercial Banks, Life Companies, Pension, Hedge and Private Equity Firms as well as other Commercial Lenders to grow market share by targeting specific segments of the industry with current loan products. Given current market conditions it is more important than ever to target your marketing dollars to those segments and loan request types that match your specific underwriting guidelines. As opposed to the traditional strategy of industry magazines, trade shows, direct and email marketing efforts. is the only such environment in the U.S. and Canada offering a full suite of marketing, advertising and deal acquisition tools to commercial lenders looking to get back to the business of lending but doing it smarter and with a much higher level of efficiency.

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